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How Many Cigarettes Does it Take to Get Cancer

When celebrating, people who are actually non-smokers also like to smoke a cigarette. Smokers try to minimize the health risks by limiting their consumption. But how many cigarettes does the body tolerate before long-term consequences occur? Current studies provide answers.

Already One Cigarette per Day is Harmful

The risk of becoming ill as a result of cigarette consumption depends on various individual factors. These include age, sex, blood lipids and blood pressure. Pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or heart failure increase the risk of a fatal stroke or the development of a dangerous coronary heart disease.

As a study published in the journal BMJ makes clear, even one cigarette a day is harmful. According to research director Allan Hackshaw, one cigarette is enough to increase the risk of coronary heart disease or stroke – in women by up to 57 and 31 percent respectively.

Smoking also increases the risk of developing cancer or COPD. The more cigarettes smoked, the more harmful the effects on the body. However, the risk does not grow exponentially with each cigarette. As the study also shows, around 40 percent of the health risk of a whole pack of cigarettes is achieved with just one cigarette.

For men, the risk of suffering a stroke increases by 25 percent. Just one cigarette a day is enough to reach these levels. Although the way the cigarette is smoked plays a role, the toxins always get into the body. The body therefore also does not tolerate “puffing” indefinitely.

how many cigarettes can the body

How much smoking can the body tolerate?

When puffing, the cigarette smoke is not completely inhaled. Instead, most of the toxins in the smoke remain in the mouth and throat. There, however, they are no less harmful. On the contrary, the toxic substances can even accumulate and promote mouth cancer or other serious diseases of the mouth and throat. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid puffing.

One cigarette while drinking coffee, one while celebrating: even those who smoke little expose their bodies to an enormous health risk. Statistics show that the risk of serious illness increases considerably after the first cigarette. But how many cigarettes does the body tolerate? The human body cannot process the harmful ingredients of the cigarette. Just one cigarette can be enough to develop COPD, coronary heart disease or lung cancer. To avoid this, cigarettes should not be used at all.


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