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Smoking out of boredom – the biggest mistake

You often get bored and light a cigarette for that reason? Would you like to find out more about this topic and consider to quit smoking?

In this article we uncover one of the biggest mistakes that many smokers still believe every day. Many people believe that smoking helps against boredom. The truth couldn’t be any different.

Smoking doesn’t help against boredom.

Why? Look, here’s why. But before we get to the point we must first understand was boredom is exactly.

What is boredom?

Boredom is a mental state and doesn’t help fill empty minutes. Here is an example of the clear refutation of the claim that cigarettes dispel boredom: The voice in your head does not repeat incessantly: “I smoke. I smoke. I smoke.”

These thoughts only circulate in our consciousness, if we stop smoking for a long time, try to consume less cigarettes or just have a failed attempt behind us to stop smoking.

The truth looks different: If you’re addicted to nicotine and you’re not pulling a cigarette right now, you’ll get a feeling of emptiness. You feel as if something is missing.

Does that sound familiar to you?

If another activity occupies your mind without releasing stress hormones, you can endure a long time without a cigarette. You feel as if you are not dependent on nicotine at all.

But when the activity is over, there is nothing to distract you from withdrawal stress. The first thing you do is grab a cigarette and feed the nicotine monster.

Smoking out of boredom

My name is Uli the Unconscious. I smoke because I think I’m bored. In truth I don’t understand the real reason at all.

People smoke out of habit – often the smoker is not even aware of it

If you are currently in the phase of not wanting to quit smoking, you may not even be aware that you are lighting a cigarette.

Smoking becomes a ritual.

Even people who smoke the pipe or roll cigarettes fall into an automatism. Here you can find more reasons why people reach for cigarettes.

When a smoker tries to remember the cigarettes he smoked during the day, he can only remember a tiny part of them. Sometimes it is just the first one in the morning and the last one in the evening before going to bed.

One must also ask oneself whether it is worth the chance to get cancer and other consequences, just because a supposed boredom has struck?

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Smoking makes you bored

Instead of helping against boredom, cigarettes actually only make it worse. Smokers often sit in the corner and do nothing. They merely alleviate the symptoms of their withdrawal symptoms.

How can so many smokers still believe that smoking helps?

Far too little do we question the images that the media feeds into us on a daily basis.

Similar to cigarettes, advertising suggests that various energy drinks (e.g. Red Bull) give us more energy and make us “cooler”


Advertising makes us smoke

Every day the ads try to show us how cool smoking is. The truth couldn’t be any different.

The truth couldn’t be any different. Take a look at a teenager who drinks one of these sugary drinks. He probably feels better and trendy. The only thing he does is to fall for advertising, spend a lot of money on sugar and harm his health.

There is no trace of coolness in his action.

Now watch a smoker who smokes because he is bored. He still looks bored. So a cigarette has no effect at all on boredom. As a former chain smoker I can assure you that there is nothing more boring (and dull) than lighting one dirty cigarette after another, day after day, year after year.

stop smoking

Quitting smoking is easy once you understand what makes us grasp the smokes.

What to do against smoking?

Many people still find it difficult to give up smoking and hang on to their old beliefs. I can’t blame anyone, after all I myself was addicted for years and couldn’t stop.

Until a flash of inspiration struck me and I was able to stop smoking all of a sudden:

  • without gaining weight
  • immediately and
  • without withdrawal symptoms

Since then I have set myself the goal of helping people and teaching my method. It can be so simple! Get our 11 tips to quit smoking now!

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