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The Effects of Smoking and a Sad Balance: Cigarettes are Killer Number 1 in the Western World

The Bitter Consequences of Smoking: It's Time to Get Rid of the Poison.

In adolescence, smoking begins as a mere gimmick and the consequences of consumption for the body seem to be absent. But when you look at the lungs of a smoker who has smoked for 40 years, you quickly realize that smoking is not a game. Every smoker is aware of the end of the line and you know only too well that day X will come and you will be diagnosed with cancer – unless you stop smoking.

The Consequences of Smoking and Social Change

Every smoker knows the new pictures on the cigarette packs: a smoker’s foot, yellow smoker’s teeth or a black smoker’s lung. Not only does smoke damage our circulatory system, it also damages the intestinal flora. Intestinal cramps and diarrhoea can also be caused by nicotine consumption. The times when smoking was socially accepted are long gone. Not only the pictures shock the poor smoker, but also the smoking bans extend ever further, so that one must be even more ashamed for his consumption, than one already does without it.

All the Facts Show one thing: Smoking Consequences are Catastrophic.

So there is every reason to quit smoking once and for all, because the consequences are obvious. So the best time to quit is now. Every single cigarette contributes to the smoker’s leg and the notorious smoker’s cough. It is therefore of fundamental importance to become aware of this in order to reconsider quitting smoking.

The cavity regenerates itself

Health Consequences of Cessation: Freedom

Free yourself from the nicotine addiction and self-slavery that drives you to health ruin. Eye circles and clogged arteries will be a thing of the past and you will radiate new vitality. Don’t always reschedule for tomorrow and don’t wait for one of the bad smoking diseases to catch up with you one day.

As you give up smoking, the wonderful consequences of not smoking await you. The chronic fatigue caused by smoking will disappear into thin air. This will also affect your appearance. Stop smoking and create positive aspects and your own life will gain quality. Enjoy life to the full – in the truest sense of the word.

Eliminate the Consequences of Smoking at an Early Stage

Don’t restrict your smoking just because of a cold or a wisdom tooth op and don’t wait for events that will force you to. Make sure you have the health you still have and put an end to nicotine addiction. Great things await you. Your body will thank you! The fear that your weight will increase through stopping is completely unfounded, because this only happens when you take sugar as a substitute. You don’t need a substitute for poison. Live your life normally without cigarettes. End your slavery to avoid consequences like hair loss and save yourself a smoking toe.

Hazard Potential for Children as a Result of Smoking

Especially during pregnancy, always be aware that smoking has immense health consequences for the unborn child. This has long-term effects on the child in later life, although ADHD is still one of the less serious consequences. But even after the birth of the child there are many dangers lurking, such as breastfeeding. The nicotine settles in the mother’s milk, which is consumed by the child. In addition, the smoke from cigarettes is deposited on the mother’s skin, which also has a negative effect on the health and development of the child.

Because of this, special care must be taken here. Take all necessary measures to avoid exposing the child to smoke. One measure, for example, would be to breastfeed the child using ready-to-drink milk, which can be purchased from retailers. Nevertheless, certain residual risks remain, because nicotine also settles on objects and clothing. Keep the risks as low as possible. Be aware of the responsibility towards your child and take all necessary measures to protect your child from the strong neurotoxin called nicotine. Be aware of the consequences for the baby!

Beware of Alternatives: Shisha & Co - also this Consumption of Smoking Does not Remain without Consequences.

But once you have freed yourself from your addiction, other temptations quickly come to you, which can boost your nicotine addiction again. That’s why you should do without anything that has to do with smoking. Because every smoker has a so-called addiction memory and only little is necessary to bring the addiction back.

Even after 30 years of abstinence one cigarette is enough to maneuver you back into addiction.

That’s why you should take special care with fashion drugs like shisha. Despite the fruity taste, you often inhale steam even deeper than cigarette smoke. Shishas also contain substances that are carcinogenic. And smoking from a joint or a bong is not only dangerous for the human psyche and the neuronal structures of the brain, but also for the human organism and is also carcinogenic. It has been scientifically proven that grass is even more harmful than cigarette consumption.

Stop smoking - no matter what kind of


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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