Smoking Eye Bags

Are Dark Eye Bags Caused by Smoking?

The skin under our eyes is very sensitive. Dark rings under the eyes do not look beautiful and make us look ill. Everyone has had dark circles under their eyes when they have slept very badly or not at all. But why do you get rings around your eyes?

Dark rings under the eyes are nothing else than liquid deposits under our eyes. This happens when too much water is stored in the skin tissue under the eye and blood vessels are highlighted. The blood vessels cause the skin to appear darker. There are several reasons for dark circles around the eyes. The eyes are the first signs that the body is ill. The eyes are a perfect indicator of when you are not well. Today we are smoking.

Can You get Rings Around Your Eyes from Smoking?

Smoking has many health risks (in the worst case cancer), and one of them is the damage it causes to your skin. Harmful tobacco fumes kill healthy cells in your body and stop collagen production (skin cell repair). This accelerates the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles. Smoking can also cause dark circles around the eyes.

Due to the constant nicotine dose from smoking, the skin needs an incredible amount of fluid, and the body retains water in the lower areas of the eyes to prevent the skin from drying out even more. This eventually leads to the appearance of dark circles. Smokers can prevent this by drinking more than enough fluid a day. However, there is always a risk of dark circles forming as the skin is very sensitive and more susceptible to smoking anyway.

Other Factors

Lack of sleep: One of the most common causes of dark circles is insufficient sleep at night. A lack of sleep prevents the body from sweating out excess fluid. Instead, the tissue collects under our eyes, causing dark circles to follow. Lack of sleep causes the blood vessels under your eyes to dilate, creating a dark tint that becomes visible through the thin, sensitive skin under your eyes.  -Quote

Salt: Another critical factor is the daily dose of salt you ingest. Salt dries up our body. You should not eat salty foods in the evening, especially before sleeping, as your body loses a lot of fluid at night anyway. Too much salt is not good for your health anyway.

It would be best to give up smoking altogether. You do not only your eyes, but your entire health a huge favor, if you do without the annoying nicotine. Your blood circulation stabilises, your lung function improves and the risk of heart disease drops rapidly

It is very important that you sleep well and eat a balanced and healthy diet. There are many natural methods that can counteract dark circles. These include cold tea bags and freshly cut cucumber slices that you put on your eyelids. But the most important thing is drinking. You should drink at least two litres of liquid a day to provide your body with enough fluid.


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