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Suspicion of a Smoker’s Foot? What You Should Do

Anyone who smokes permanently for many years causes a lot of damage to body and organism. Smoking does not only give you the typical smoker’s teeth. It also increases the risk of getting a smoker’s foot. 

This is the colloquial term for peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PADD). Studies have shown that this disease is one of the two most common smoking diseases. Here you can find out what the symptoms are and what you can do if you have any.

Smoker's Foot: First Signs

At the beginning you will probably still be free of complaints. However, your doctor may detect a narrowing of the legs during a routine examination. If this remains unnoticed and nothing is done, you will continue with cold feet all the time. 

Later they hurt after walking 200 meters. You have to stop or sit down somewhere. The pain passes and you go on until it comes back. Eventually resting won’t do any good. The pain remains. Even if you lie in bed.

PAVK can haunt different places. With some smokers the clinical picture is limited to the feet and the lower leg area. But in most cases the devil sits in the hollow of the knee and the thighs.

Smoking causes smokers foot

How You Can Prevent Worse

Wenn´s is also difficult: The best and only way is to quit smoking. Because if you continue to speak to the cigarette, the symptoms will worsen. However, if you permanently stop smoking, you can draw a line. The best way to start is with a small test

Do you really need a cigarette if you are pursuing an activity or a hobby?

Think about whether your life is varied enough. Especially at the beginning of a weaning therapy you will be tempted to smoke for a long time.

Try to reorganize your life. Ask yourself whether you eat the right food. Does your diet include a lot of fruit and vegetables? Do you eat fish and wholemeal products? Then you supply your body with sufficient vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and secondary plant substances. You eat healthy food.

Is endurance sports such as cycling, jogging or swimming part of your leisure activities? Do you walk for at least half an hour a day in the fresh air? Then you do everything to strengthen your immune system sustainably.

If a lot of meat, sausage and fast food is your thing, you should change your nutrition plan. Would you rather lie on the couch in front of the TV or pass the time with computer games? Then you should work on yourself and become more active. Because such a lifestyle leads to obesity and promotes arteriosclerosis. 

The smoker’s foot then develops from this. If you don’t change your life Steel, it gets worse.

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Advanced stage: Absolutely Go to the Doctor!

Beware of prolonged pain! If you do nothing about it, it can be dangerous. First rest helps; later no more. Attention! A bluish discoloration can also be the sign of a smoker’s foot. Just as badly healing skin areas or a curvature of your toenails.

If you show this to your doctor in time, he can still get the disease under control with medication. If you hesitate too long, an operation may be pending. The last resort and worst consequence could be an amputation.

Smokers Feet Are Just One Downside of Smoking

Smokers risk their health. One of the most common diseases is a smoker’s foot. But a healthier lifestyle makes it possible to minimize the risk factor. In the early stages, the doctor can still help to avoid bad consequences. 

The only important thing is not to overlook the first signs of the disease and to act immediately.


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