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How To Stop Smoking

I’m sure you know it’s bad for your health if you need it. Nevertheless, there may be reasons for you to regularly go for the glow stalk. You certainly don’t feel like a suicide even though you have decided to die creepingly. You will find explanations for this persistent addiction to having to smoke again and again if you are considering quitting smoking.

Ask Yourself: Why Do You Exactly Smoke?

You may remember the first time you pulled a cigarette. You may have felt sick or dizzy. This means that the taste on your tongue was disgusting for you and may even have burned on your tongue. Did you have to deal with diarrhoea and coughing? Why did you keep smoking?

Maybe you expect something from it when you smoke cigarettes. Movies, TV movies and even commercials always promise strange things about what happens to you when you reach for a cigarette. Does smoking really mean an adventure? Do you feel like a real man?

Maybe you even have an erotic charisma through the smoldering stalk and stand for freedom and independence. Does smoking possibly stand for recognition, self-confidence and relaxation in society? Do you really feel more joie de vivre and show your own style?

Although the side effects of richness are very unpleasant, you might hope for something positive. This happens until your smoking behaviour becomes a habit. Over time the body gets used to the nicotine. Many situations require that you take a cigarette in your hand and can only cope with stress by doing so.

It doesn’t take long, then you are psychologically dependent on the cigarette, then physical dependence follows. The body feels really bad if it does not have enough nicotine. You only feel well if you have enough of this substance in you.

ways to give up smoking

That's Why It's so Hard for You to Quit Smoking

When your doctor tells you that you should quit smoking because of the health risk, the world turns upside down for you. If you are a confirmed smoker, you will find many arguments against quitting smoking.

You may be telling yourself doubtful excuses such as that your grandfather has grown old despite smoking or that you no longer feel any joy in the world

You feel you can’t do it and you can’t relax or concentrate if you don’t grab a cigarette. You might even be afraid of getting fat and gaining weight when you quit smoking.

These and many other arguments come to mind when you think that you will suffer without your cigarettes.

By becoming smoke-free you automatically associate a lot of suffering and misery. A horror scenario then takes place in your head, but that is only your fantasy. The last grasp to the cigarette is a bad idea for you

Does Giving Up Smoking Mean the End of Enjoyment?

Does the end of smoking really mean no more freedom and enjoyment for you? Can you really no longer concentrate or relax or enjoy a convivial evening with friends?

These and many other ideas find fantasies in your head that make you feel especially bad. The desire for a cigarette becomes even greater.

Do you think you can’t muster enough strength to let it go? In reality, it is your lack of willpower that prevents you from quitting smoking. Maybe also the wrong strategy.

Then ask yourself what it means to stop. How do you deal with your desire?

So far, you may not have used the right strategies to stop smoking to stop your addictive behavior.

How to Quit Smoking

1st Tip

Keep in mind all the benefits that come with quitting smoking and regenerating. This includes:

2nd Tip

If you want to think about the cigarettes or reach for them, you can imagine what disaster it means for you and your environment when you start again. You may imagine these negative effects alive. So you get a horror of nicotine. Withdrawal symptoms are something normal.

3rd Tip

Observe yourself if you are at risk of wanting to smoke in a situation. Imagine that you feel better if you don’t smoke.

stop smoking finally

4th Tip

Decide to try the final point method or the step-by-step method. A variation of it will certainly help you. With the final point method you can stop immediately. This solution is very radical. Maybe you are a person who likes to use radical solutions. Then you should decide for this variant.

If you choose the step-by-step method, you may already have been successful by reducing your glow stalks. The consequences are then not quite so blatant.

5th Tip

It can help to resort to further aids:

6th Tip

You should expect to have a strong craving for cigarettes again and again. When you have expressed the last cigarette, the next 2-5 days and these phases of physical and mental changes will be very intense as far as your desire is concerned. The deciding factor is of course how much you have smoked before.

Effects e-Cigarette - the Advantages and Disadvantages

I’m sure you’ve already heard of E Cigarette. Maybe you’re trying to get rid of smoking with steam and liquids. The disadvantage is that you still have the feeling that you have to take something in your hand to reduce stress. This may prove to be a disadvantage over time and you will relapse.

Quitting Smoking with an e-cigarette

The desire signals to you that the body misses the nicotine quasi. This means that you are addicted to nicotine. A nicotine patch or nicotine gum can help. So you can add nicotine to your body without smoking. This means that cigarette consumption is no longer a must.

As soon as you have reduced your physical dependence as one of the side effects, you will feel a desire. The reason for this is the psychological dependence that goes along with it – these are the symptoms afterwards.

You have trained yourself to smoke, you can also train yourself to quit. The desire will disappear more and more the longer you hold out.

You should stop smoking even if you have been smoking for decades. You can quickly feel the positive effects after quitting that the withdrawal has on your cardiovascular system.

Shortness of breath and coughing attacks will subside over time. The risk of lung cancer from smoking only decreases after ten years.

No one can force you to stop smoking. You alone are responsible for your health and quality of life.


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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