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Good Alternatives to Smoking – Finally Quit!

As a habitual smoker, it is not at all easy to stop smoking: Anyone who has tried it so far will certainly agree. It’s not for nothing that people talk about smoking as an addiction – and it’s important to be disciplined and strong-willed in order to get rid of it. For most people who want to quit smoking, the health aspect is clearly in the foreground.

 You can make it a little easier by realizing that there are some healthier alternatives to smoking. While this doesn’t mean that all solutions are harmless to health, they are a better choice than the classic cigarette, which is bursting with nicotine and tar.

The Best Alternatives to Smoking - Helpful Tips on the Subject

Often it doesn’t have to be a cigarette if you feel like smoking. For many people, the grasp of the cigarette has become so self-evident that something is missing without it. However, this is often just a habit, because the hands are looking for something to do or the body is craving nicotine. If the latter is the case, a nicotine patch is a good alternative. But of course there are other options that you can use if you need a cigarette.


Nicotine patches are applied directly to the skin. The nicotine it contains is then gradually released into the body in small doses. However, it is important to clarify in advance whether you can tolerate the patch. Some people react with skin irritations – and these are a hindrance because the patch has to remain on the skin 24 hours a day. However, if there are no problems when using the nicotine patch, it is an ideal alternative to cigarettes, which can support the weaning phase well.

In recent years, nicotine chewing gums have become increasingly common. They satisfy the craving for a cigarette and – as the name suggests – contain a certain amount of nicotine. The substance is absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouth and thus quickly enters the bloodstream. Nicotine chewing gums are available in different strengths – depending on whether you smoke less or more often.

If you like, you can start weaning with a chewing gum and then gradually switch to normal chewing gum to “balance out” your nicotine habituation. Often this leads to success – but of course perseverance is required.

The Cigarette During Coffee and After Eating - What Are the Alternatives?

For many smokers it is a matter of course to grab a cigarette directly after eating in order to get their digestion going. Here you have to be a little more creative to get rid of this habit. 

This is not necessarily difficult: It’s best if you just get used to a new ritual: If you brush your teeth right after eating, you will feel a fresh feeling in your mouth that you don’t want to give up so quickly. This is not only good for your teeth, but also for your breath. Peppermint – similar to chewing gum – satisfies our desire for nicotine.

 If you like to smoke a cigarette over a cup of coffee, try drinking tea for a while. Often the body can be outwitted in such a way and old behavior patterns are broken.


Sport Against Addiction - How Exercise Can Help Against Smoking

Quite a few people reach for cigarettes mainly due to stress. In this way, they feel more relaxed and can leave the hassle of everyday life behind them. On the one hand this is quite understandable, on the other hand smoking should not become a habit in such cases. 

Because the longer you act like this, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of this ritual at some point. But there are some healthier alternatives to stress, like for example:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation
sport machen gegen rauchen

If you plan to invest 15 minutes of your time every day in these exercises, you will feel better – and maybe you won’t even need the cigarette anymore.

Basically, exercise is a wonderful way to stop smoking permanently. Exercise not only creates a welcome distraction from the cigarette, but also shapes your figure, promotes your condition and releases happiness hormones. In addition, most people feel less desire for a cigarette after an extended training session.

What to do Instead of Smoking? - Are Chewing Tobacco and Snuff Recommended?

Until a few decades ago, chewing tobacco was much more common in Germany than it is today. This is tobacco with its own aroma that you put in your mouth and chew for a while or keep in your cheek pockets. 

Because the tobacco is not burned like a cigarette, less toxic substances are produced – this makes chewing tobacco at least a slightly healthier solution.

In the meantime, however, it has become somewhat difficult to find chewing tobacco on the market – the best thing to do is simply look around on the Internet.

Another option is to pull up snuff through your nose. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a healthy alternative, as the tobacco still gets into the bloodstream. 

But if you want to give up smoking, these two options might be a good temporary solution until you no longer miss the cigarette.

How Healthy are E-Cigarettes?

E Cigarettes instead of Smoking

In recent years, e-cigarettes have become an increasingly popular alternative to the classic cigarette. This is not least because the liquids that are filled into the e-cigarette come in a wide variety of flavours. Many of these liquids are nicotine-free and therefore an excellent alternative to cigarettes if you are used to the feeling of smoking. 

Of course, there is also some criticism about e-cigarettes that you should be aware of: Scientists now also suspect that the e-cigarette is not completely harmless to health. Although the ingredients you inhale from the liquid’s vapour are chemical, the e-cigarette is still a better solution than the real cigarette.

 If you choose an e-cigarette, the risk of relapse is usually lower. Because one can go also further into the smoker break, allow oneself the cigarette to the coffee or after the meal – only evenly in another form.

In conclusion, there are many ways to quit smoking. However, if you want to stop smoking permanently, you should above all bring willpower and conviction – and always keep in mind why you want to quit. If you are fully behind it yourself, weaning will work out for sure at some point.


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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