smoking before blood test

Can I smoke a cigarette before my blood test?

Who doesn’t know that? One is called to the doctor and gets the order to come with an empty stomach. When asked what an empty stomach is, the doctor answers: “Please do not eat or drink at least 12 hours before taking the blood sample”.

Can I smoke?

The answer is as so often a bit unclear: It depends! It depends on the type of blood test.

What does sober actually mean?

In order to understand whether a cigarette is harmful before taking a blood sample, we must first understand what “an empty stomach” exactly means.

For the analysis the doctors need a blood sample as pure as possible. Therefore you should not eat anything to avoid sugar or other falsifying substances in the blood. To put it simply, an empty stomach is an empty stomach. empty stomach

So what can we eat and drink?

You may drink water without any problems. Under no circumstances are sugar-containing drinks or milk allowed. Under certain circumstances coffee should not be consumed.

A basic rule that you can remember is: if in doubt, ask your doctor

You should not have a cigarette in these tests:

Smoking has an influence on your heart rate and blood pressure. If your doctor checks these parameters as part of a health check, you should refrain from smoking a cigarette. The doctor draws conclusions from his results that can have serious effects on your health.

In case of doubt, you should therefore avoid smoking.

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Have you ever felt nauseous during a blood draw?

Many people get nauseous or dizzy when they see blood. It can happen that people faint. You can probably imagine that smoking has a negative influence here. If you are sensitive to the appearance of blood, you should refrain from smoking a cigarette.

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How long will traces of nicotine be present in the blood?

Nicotine is traceable in your bloodstream for one to three days. Cotinine can be found for 5 to 10 days.

Nicotine in the blood can be measured with qualitative (if nicotine is present) and quantitative (how much nicotine is present) tests. These tests can detect nicotine, cotinine and another breakdown product called anabasin.


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