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Smoking before surgery – What risks do I face?

Smoking is harmful. Little children now know that. In this article we will not write about the effects of smoking in general, but about the risks associated with surgery.

Smoking just before surgery can have serious consequences.

In the following articles we write about smoking in connection with surgery and anesthesia. Do not underestimate the risk and read the article to the end to avoid missing any valuable information. It could save your lfie.

How long before the surgery should you not smoke?

If you smoke and undergo surgery, doctors recommend that you stop smoking as soon as possible. It is also important to talk to your doctor about your smoking habits and the effects on your anesthesia plan.

Why smoking before surgery is not a good idea

You might ask yourself:

Huh? Why all this? So far smoking hasn’t done me much harm. Why is it important to stop smoking before the operation?

The solution is simple: when you smoke, your heart and lungs don’t work so well.

You’re slowly but surely damaging your organs. Before an operation (and anesthesia), it is especially important that these parts of your body remain healthy and functional.

You may experience breathing difficulties during or after the operation. Breathing devices are often used. Therefore, the health risk for smokers before surgery is correspondingly higher.

It is not uncommon for pneumonia to occur due to the high strain on the respiratory organs.

Rauchen vor OP

Resistant bacteria are a big risk

I’m sure you’ve heard those horror stories before.

There are bacteria that have developed a high resistance to conventional antibiotics. They occur in hospitals and are therefore particularly dangerous. Despite all the precautions that doctors take in hospitals, the risk of being infected with one of these super germs during surgery is particularly high.

If you don’t manage to stop smoking completely before an operation, reduce the consumption of cigarettes as much as possible. You want your lungs to be in a strong condition when confronted with resistant bacteria!

Before surgery – especially in stent surgery – the blood flow should be as high as possible

It’ll be no secret to you that smoking reduces blood flow. Conversely, this means that the healing is slowed down. Before an operation this is logically not a good idea. Smoking is particularly bad if you are about to undergo a heart operation (e.g. a stent). Here you should be particularly careful and stop smoking as soon as possible.

It does not matter what surgery awaits you: You want your blood flow to be as high as possible. It will speed up the healing process and quickly make you go home.

Because smoking is a major cause of heart disease, your chances of having a heart attack during or after surgery increase.

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How can stopping help?

You might think now:

Okay. Stopping smoking is certainly not a bad idea. But my surgery is already next week. The cigarettes I smoke until then won’t cost me my life either. I light another one quickly.

It is hard to believe, but one day without a cigarette before the operation reduces the risk of serious complications. This is because the regeneration process in your body is set in motion. Your heart and lungs start to perform better. The levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide – the unhealthy chemicals when you inhale cigarette smoke – start to drop immediately. Your blood flow increases and reduces the likelihood of complications.

Quitting smoking just the day before the operation reduces the risk of complications.

The sooner you quit, the better. It is best to give up the blue smoke a week or more before the operation. It is also helpful not to smoke during recovery after the operation. In fact, surgery is a good way to stop smoking for good. If you already have to undergo an operation, why not see it as an opportunity?

The risk for lungs in detail

Watch out. This video shows the unsightly consequences of smoking in a video. Read on if you don’t think that shock videos have a positive effect on you.

What are the other benefits of stopping?

Some things are clear. Nevertheless, it is not bad to recall certain information once again: What are the advantages of quitting smoking?

Stopping will undoubtedly improve your overall health. In particular, the following effects may occur

  • Extension of your lifetime
  • The risk of dying from lung cancer or heart disease is greatly reduced.
  • Stopping has a big financial advantage! Buy things that really enjoy
  • Reduce your family’s health burden by lowering passive smoking – in other words (a little clearer): you no longer harm the health of your loved ones


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

The sooner you quit, the better.

That smoking is not a good idea is something we have to repeat to you one more time.

But what are the best ways to leave smoking behind for good? How can you stop smoking without the effects on your body and psyche being too great?

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