Champix Smoking Tablets As An Alternative

What's Champix?

Champix are alternative drugs used to quit smoking. They are anti-smoking tablets that are used to increase the success rate of nicotine replacement therapies and make it easier for people to quit smoking. Two medications are suitable for this type of smoking: Zyban or Champix. The tablets require a prescription and must be prescribed by a doctor. However, the costs are not covered by the health insurance (no reimbursement by the health insurance). You must buy the medication yourself.

Champix should be used by adults in combination with smoking cessation and advice.

Effect of Champix

Champix works in the brain. It prevents cravings and withdrawal symptoms to prevent weight gain. It also spoils smoking for the smoker. How does it work? Champix addresses the same areas of the brain as nicotine in a cigarette. Champix is available under different names and in different doses.

Do not pass this medicine on to others, even if they have the same symptoms as you. Champix should only be taken by people who have been prescribed it. Do not stop taking this medicine without consulting your doctor.

Champix is available in two different dosages. Once in 0.5 mg and 1 mg. A normal treatment starts with 0.5 mg and can be increased to 1 mg if the lower dose is not sufficient.

The price for a starter parquet with 56 film-coated tablets is 107.00 euros. Compared to other smoking cessation therapies, Champix is relatively inexpensive.

To the comparison: A Hypnose meeting costs approx. 120 € and are necessary up to seven. A packing Nikotinpflaster costs 66 € á 28 pieces.

The drug requires a prescription and only a doctor can order it.

effect of champix

Application and Intake of Champix

The usual starting dose of Champux is 0.5 mg once daily for the first three days, then 0.5 mg twice daily for the next four days, then continue with 0.5 mg twice daily or thereafter increase to 1 mg twice daily. The maximum dose is 1 mg twice daily. It should be taken after meals with a full glass of water.

Champix should be used in combination with smoking cessation and advice. There are two different approaches to setting a date for quitting smoking. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about which method is best for you.

It is important that this medication is taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor. It is important that you stick to the schedule and always take the tablets at the same time. It can happen that you forget to take one dose. This is not so tragic. In this case you should never take the forgotten tablet together with the next one, the dose would be too strong and side effects would occur.

Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure what to do.

Quitting smoking with Champix

Champix Side Effects - What do I Have to Expect?

The side effects listed below may not occur in every patient taking this medicine. Talk to your doctor about possible side effects.

Possible side effects:


Be sure to inform your doctor about any medical conditions, allergies, medications you are taking and other important facts about your health before treatment. These factors can have a significant effect on the effect of the medicine.


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