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Smoking improves your focus? – Why a cigarette does exactly the opposite

This article dispels the assertion that smoking improves cognitive abilities.

The reason for this misconception is the image that people get through the media. How often do we see strong personalities in movies lighting a cigarette in search of a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem?

The advertisers who work for the cigarette industry are clever and know how to implant effective images into our subconsciousness. A popular motive is the claim that smoking improves concentration.

In reality, we are becoming less and less focused.

If you want to concentrate, you blend out so many factors in your environment and focus on the thing that is really important.

The inner desire for a cigarette creates stress. The feeling can be compared to a physical emptiness. In other words: If you don’t smoke you feel withdrawal symptoms. To counteract this, you light a cigarette (unconsciously). Usually you don’t even notice that you suffer from nicotine deficiency.

Most smokers blame other events for their discomfort. This can be stress, a meeting with your mother-in-law or a crying child.

When you light one, it just seems that you can concentrate better. You do not become aware of the inner emptiness! In truth, you are alleviating the stress of withdrawal symptoms.

Cigarettes don’t improve your ability to concentrate. They only make things worse. You don’t have to wait too long until the withdrawal symptoms appear again. You have to light a cigarette again and in reality you are distracted from your work.

How powerful this brainwashing is, which is conveyed to us by the media! Many people fall victim to the thought that smoking improves their ability to focus. In fact, you damage your own nervous system and weaken your physical and mental performance in the long run.

Deposits accumulate in the blood vessels

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Another reason for the flattening of the ability to focus is that the toxins are slowly deposited in the blood vessels and there the blood supply gradually slows down and worsens. Our brain is thus getting less and less oxygen that is essential for our being. The ability to concentrate is further and further restricted.

Over time, the body needs a growing amount of nicotine. Smokers thus have more and more withdrawal symptoms over time and thus more stress, which they put into their shoes for other reasons.

A vicious circle begins that can only be deliberately interrupted.

A story of one of our seminar participants

When we first started our courses on smoking, one of our participants shared his personal suffering story with us.

He was a successful tax consultant and had already started smoking more than 2 packs a day during his studies.

His biggest fear was not to pass his exam for becoming a certified tax advisor. He was convinced that he would not manage – without cigarettes – to maintain his ability to concentrate for several hours.

The seminar participant had fallen into the nicotine trap. He firmly believed that the cigarettes would help him.

Later, he laughingly spoke of his stupidity. How could he believe that this poison could have such a magical effect on him? After all, non-smokers were as focused as he was, or even better. And without a cigarette at all! They didn’t need a cigarette which damages their health and costs a fortune.

In our seminar, the tax consultant told us that he had nevertheless passed the exam. And that without major problems and without even having to think about smoking. After this experience it became clear to him that the cigarette was obviously not the miracle cure for better concentration.

What to do to concentrate better without cigarette?

So the cigarette is not the right way to focus better. But what can you do to maintain your cognitive abilities even without the smoking cigarette?

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We recommend the following exercises in particular to all our seminar participants:

  • Movement: If you feel that you are no longer focused, stand up briefly and make a few steps. Exercise promotes blood flow in the brain. This not only gives your grey cells a break, but also strengthens them.
  • Take regular breaks: our head finds it difficult to maintain concentration over a long period of time. Take conscious breaks and do other activities for a short period of time. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee or a glass of water.
  • Turn off mobile devices: Today, mobile phones are ubiquitous. Turn them off to focus on what’s important. There’s nothing worse than a flashing and loud device that distracts your attention from the essentials.

How to quit smoking?

If you want to quit smoking, we have developed a method which

  • works permanently
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  • without withdrawal symptoms

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