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When Do Depression Stop After Stopping Smoking?

The hardest weeks are already behind you, but when does this depressive mood end after you stop smoking? The phase of withdrawal physical symptoms is generally over and your stamina is slowly returning. If you have not smoked a cigarette for 6 weeks now, you can proudly pat yourself on the shoulder, because the most difficult time is behind you.

But what do you do when you fall into a hole, when it’s incredibly stressful at work or in private trouble and you’re struggling with depression after stopping smoking? Would a cigarette be an alternative? No, it isn’t. The smoking and the anger about not being strong enough to deal with depression yourself only pulls you down after the cigarette.

What to Do When Smoking Depression Hits You?

It’s better to turn your head off and go for a walk. Or go to sports and power up your
frustration there. This gives you new momentum and the depressive phase becomes
a minor matter through physical exhaustion.

Rauchen Depressionen

Get Out of Bad Mood

You don’t have to be a prophet to know that abstinence from smoking sometimes strikes at your mind, so you should prevent this phase and do something for yourself. After 6 weeks of not smoking you can reward yourself. Reward yourself for the money you have saved, for the health you are protecting, for the skin, which is rosier and fresher and for the stamina you notice after climbing stairs. 

Therefore, as a reward, the joy of a wellness holiday or a new bike could beckon you to maintain your newly gained fitness. After 6 weeks of not smoking you can drink a beer or a sparkling wine again. There is nothing better than alcohol and cigarettes. Therefore one should avoid this constellation and/or the consumption of alcohol in the first weeks as a non-smoker absolutely.

Also possible parties or festivities at which people drink and smoke should be avoided in the first weeks. Your friends will understand if you avoid smoking parties in the beginning, because the temptation is still too big. Of course you shouldn’t hide away, but dates for coffee or simply for dinner in restaurants are better in the withdrawal phase. To prevent depression, you can slowly return to party life after 6 weeks of not smoking. Your body doesn’t need the nicotine anymore and you can resist the temptation better.

If the depressive phase after stopping smoking has not stopped after 6 weeks or at least has improved, you can also bridge this bad phase with the help of a psychologist.


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