Formic Acid Against Smoking – a Small Syringe with a Big Effect

Have you decided to quit smoking? You have already taken a big and important step. Now the implementation begins, which will be at least as big a challenge. Thanks to some tools, you will achieve your goal of quitting smoking. A big problem is often physical dependence. Various experience reports show: a big relief on the way to the non-smoker can bring a syringe.

It Can Be as Simple as That: a Syringe Efficiently Helps You to Stop Smoking.

Such a syringe with the main active substance formic acid has the effect that you show less physical withdrawal symptoms. The physical desire is reduced and it is easier for you to give up a cigarette. With this simple tool you are able to concentrate on your thoughts and your will to stop, in order to overcome your psychological dependence. Your body doesn’t sound the alarm if it doesn’t get a cigarette and you don’t have to fight the fight against physical addiction thanks to the syringe.

through a syringe to stop smoking

Syringe Administration - Only with a Doctor, but No Side Effects!

Often one syringe is enough to feel relief. But it is also possible, if the effect is too weak or delayed, that you receive another injection. The application can only be done by a doctor, so that he informs you about possible side effects. As a rule, however, the injections have no side effects whatsoever.

Various Combination Possibilities Increase the Attractiveness of this Application.

The syringe only acts on the physical symptoms. Therefore you can combine it with any kind of tool concerning your psychological dependence. Only you and your body can find out which method is most suitable for you. Let yourself be inspired by the many possibilities and try a few different ones to find out which one suits you best. Not all people have the same methods!

Would you like to receive more interesting and useful information about this method? Then have a look at the book!

A detailed explanation of the effect of the syringe, combinations with other methods and other useful hints can be found in the book. Inform yourself and you will find that there are various supports on your way to a smoke-free life.

Don't make it harder than it has to be!


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