Homeopathy for Smoking Cessation – How Does the Natural Healing Method Work?

Tobacco in any form is dangerous for your health. Smoking tobacco does not only harm your lungs, but also your heart. Carcinogenic substances such as acetone, tar, nicotine or carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes can affect the entire nervous system. In addition, habitual smoking can lead to complications and serious illnesses.

If you want to quit smoking permanently, homeopathy is a good option.

Remember to consult your family doctor before taking homeopathic medication.

Reasons Why You Should Take the Homeopathic Route

Natural Healing

It is believed that homeopathy is safe and reliable in the treatment of nicotine and tobacco withdrawal. It can reduce the craving for nicotine and help you quit smoking. However, you should always consult a homeopathic expert as he/she can prescribe medication based on your individual withdrawal symptoms.

Alleviates Withdrawal Symptoms

Physical and psychological factors that trigger tobacco cravings can vary from person to person. There are several stimuli that can cause people to crave tobacco. It can be time, place or even food that has the urge to smoke a cigarette. Some signs of nicotine withdrawal include mood swings, depression, weight gain, insomnia, headaches, nervousness and others.

Homeopathy can help you counteract these withdrawal symptoms and help you live a smoke-free life.

Hazumittel against smoking

Homeopathic Remedies Can Help You Quit Smoking.

There are several homeopathic complex remedies that can help you to stop smoking completely. Some of the remedies are Plantago, Tabacum, Ignatia, Caladium Seguinum, Lobelia, Nux Vomica, Staphysagria and Avena Sativa.

The dose is important

How does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy is also called natural medicine and is an alternative medical ideology. In other words, something that causes symptoms in a healthy person can – in very small doses – treat a disease with similar symptoms. This is supposed to strengthen the body’s natural defences.

Example: Our eyes water from red onions. That is why it is used in homeopathic remedies against allergies. Treatments for other diseases are made from poison ivy, white arsenic, crushed whole bees and an herb called arnica.

Homeopathic doctors (homeopaths) weaken these ingredients by adding water or alcohol. Then the drug is potentiated (mixed). Many homeopaths believe that this is how the healing essence is transferred. Homeopathic medicines are available in the form of creams, gels, tablets and drops.

During your appointment a homeopath will ask some specific questions about your mental, emotional and physical health. He/she will prescribe the remedy that best suits all your symptoms.

You can also buy over-the-counter homeopathic remedies in drugstores and health food stores. The dosage and quality of these products depends on the manufacturer.


Homeopathy is a natural alternative to quitting smoking. Contact a homeopath directly if you decide to stop smoking as an alternative. It is never too late to quit smoking. Your blood circulation will regulate, your lung function will increase and you will be more competitive in sports and the risk of heart disease will decrease rapidly.


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