Stop Smoking Motivation

The most important condition to quit smoking the quickest is of course that you really want to quit. Quitting smoking is not a walk, but a big challenge for most people. That’s why a high level of motivation is extremely important. Great motivation and willpower ultimately also prevent possible relapses – after all, you want to permanently become a non-smoker, which is an absolutely desirable goal.

Find your very own and individual motivators

There are many factors and aspects that can motivate you to quit! It is important that you are aware of those motivators that are particularly important for you personally as often as possible and that you internalize them. Even if all smokers are naturally concerned with an improved state of health, there are countless other factors that can stimulate you to stop smoking and increase your stamina. These can be completely different for each person. So focus on your personal and in your eyes biggest advantages of not smoking.

Possible Factors that Shoud Motivate You

what is motivating you to stop smoking

The following is a list of various motivators that are important for many people in addition to the health effects. Maybe some of these aspects also apply to you – so consider which aspects and situations you can identify with the most.

Health improvement

One of the most important aspects for many is of course health. The fatal health consequences of smoking are probably well known to most people today. Heart disease, various cancers and many other diseases are the long-term consequences of smoking. But even if you are still far away from these consequences, your body is still not in an optimal state of health.

Your lungs are already damaged and all your bodily functions can't work at full speed because your body is primarily busy transporting the toxic nicotine out of your body.

You are probably not yet aware of the physical limitations as you have become accustomed to the state of health associated with smoking. But already days after stopping smoking you will notice that you feel much fitter and are generally more efficient. Only then will you realize how much smoking has harmed you.

Saving Money

In addition to health, many people want to stop smoking in order to save money. Given the rising prices for cigarettes, this is hardly surprising. It is best to calculate for yourself how much money you spend on cigarettes each month. You can then also extrapolate this amount to one year and it is not uncommon for the amount to be equivalent to a great annual holiday. Therefore you should do yourself after a successful smoke stop of the money also in each case something good.

Freeing Up More Time

Even though many people are not aware of this aspect, smoking is a real time waster. This can also be an important motivator for stopping smoking. To illustrate this, we assume that a smoker needs about 5 minutes to smoke one cigarette and smokes a total of about 1 packet, i.e. 20 cigarettes a day. The smoker spends about 100 minutes a day smoking. That’s about 12 hours a week, which corresponds to a whole day!

Of course, many smokers appreciate these short moments as a “break”. However, the cigarette break is not a real rest. If you consider that instead you could watch a nice film on the couch for a good 1.5 hours a day, this short rest is probably out of proportion. If you are one of those people who are often under constant stress in everyday life, the time factor could also be a central motivator for you.

Increasing Physical Fitness

Do you pursue certain physical fitness goals, do you do sports or would you like to do so in the future? Then it makes sense to quit smoking from this point of view as well. Smoking will never help you achieve the fitness goals your body is capable of. So if you want to become physically fitter and reach your sporting goals faster, a smoking stop is definitely worth it.

Being a Role Model

Anyone who has children usually wants to be a good role model and smoking is definitely not one of them. Maybe you also have children and want to avoid them picking up their cigarettes later? Then the only safe way you can contribute is not to smoke yourself. You cannot define the term addiction and explain to a child that smoking is harmful if you do it yourself! Many parents try, but the children don’t understand. Instead, it only helps to set a good example and lead a healthy life.

Beauty and Scent

Especially for women it is often a motivator to feel comfortable in their skin. Your skin will be better supplied with blood after a smoke stop, your skin will look firmer and firmer. Also your teeth are less yellow and last but not least the smell plays an important role for many. Especially non-smokers perceive the smell of cigarettes as an unpleasant stench. Of course, nobody wants to affect others in this way, so these external factors can also help to increase your motivation.


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