My Nicotine Patch Review

Nicotine patches can increase the chances of smoking cessation success by 50 to 70 percent, and the chances are even better if they are used together with another non-nicotine aid such as nicotine chewing gum.

If you want to quit smoking and use the patch or another nicotine replacement therapy (NET), discuss the different options with your doctor before making your decision. You want to know more about the possible side effects. Each person should make an informed decision about which substitute to use.

NET’s are effective if they are used properly and as directed and if you are committed to completing the program. If you don’t really want to quit smoking, no nicotine patches or other NET’s will help.

How Does it Work?

The nicotine patch is similar to a square patch or bandage. The size depends on the dosage and brand used.

The nicotine patch delivers a constant, controlled dose of nicotine throughout the day, reducing the effects of nicotine withdrawal. The strength of the patch decreases over time so that the patient can gradually get rid of the nicotine addiction.

How Do You Use it?

Nicotine patches are usually available in three different dosages: 21 mg, 14 mg and 7 mg, although this may vary slightly between manufacturers. These figures refer to the amount of nicotine in the product.

The 21 mg patch is usually recommended as a starting point for people who smoke 20 cigarettes or more a day. From there, the user follows the package instructions down to lower the dose patch until the final step without the patch is achieved.

The nicotine patch should be applied once a day to cleansed, dry, hairless skin. Manufacturers usually recommend wearing the patch between 16 and 24 hours a day, depending on how you like it best.

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My Review of Nicotine Patches

I’ve been smoking one pack a day for about ten years (Marlboro). I am now 28 and over a year smoke and tobacco free. I started using the nicotine patch in January 2018 and quit smoking. It was my first attempt to quit. So I can’t compare the method I used with other methods.

Would I have made it without the nicotine patch?

It can be good. I really wanted to stop because my athletic performance deteriorated and I made strange noises while breathing. The nicotine patch definitely helped me in the first weeks against the withdrawal symptoms. I really wanted to stop, and the nicotine patch helped me a lot.


Smoking is an addiction and you have to stay strong at all times. I sometimes catch myself thinking "Now a cigarette, that's it". But then you have to imagine how much better your life is without the annoying little glow stalks.


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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