Stop Smoking with Nicotine Spray

Those who have been habitual smokers for many years unfortunately cannot always keep their fingers off their cigarettes so easily. But although many people are aware of the health risks, cigarettes are still a popular stimulant. In addition, many smokers are afraid of possible withdrawal symptoms: Restlessness, sleep disturbances, depressions or mood swings are not uncommon at all and develop differently from person to person.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that smoking in itself is anything but good for your body. Fortunately, there are now a variety of tools to choose from if you want to quit smoking. These include, for example, the so-called nicotine spray, which we will introduce to you in more detail below.

A Spray to Stop You From Smoking
How Does That Work?

Strictly speaking, a nicotine spray is a so-called nicotine substitute. The body continues to receive a certain amount of nicotine despite the fact that it does not use any cigarettes, which is intended to make the withdrawal, often accompanied by strong side effects, easier. It should be noted, however, that your body only receives small amounts of nicotine through the spray.

However, it does not contain any other harmful substances such as those found in cigarettes: Neither tar nor carbon monoxide are present – so nicotine spray is of course not necessarily healthy, but a much less harmful alternative than cigarettes. By the way, the nicotine patch works in a similar way.

Nicotine sprays are available in small spray bottles that look like a compact perfume. This way you can easily carry it with you in your pocket. All it takes is a few pumping strokes on the spray button to put the spray into your mouth. However, you should not confuse the product with so-called nicotine inhalers. Because with these you inhale the nicotine just like smoking a cigarette – this is not the case with nicotine sprays. You don’t inhale them, you ingest them through the oral mucosa.

Nutze dieses Mittel um keine Zigaretten mehr zu rauchen

The correct use of nicotine sprays

The application of a nicotine spray is relatively simple: you apply the spray when you feel the need for a cigarette – the application of a nicotine patch or chewing gum works in the same way.

With a spray, you simply press the pump button and it instantly enters your oral cavity.

Many manufacturers promise to relieve the craving for smoke in just one minute, but of course the effectiveness varies from person to person. The most important thing is that you follow the manufacturer’s dosage and do not exceed it to avoid side effects.

For whom is the spray unsuitable?

In principle, nicotine spray may only be purchased in Germany by persons aged 18 and over. In addition, manufacturers advise against using the spray during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Of course, the spray is also not suitable for people who have never smoked before, because this can gradually lead to a nicotine addiction.

Furthermore, there are some diseases for which the application is not recommended. You should therefore speak to your doctor before use to be on the safe side. In general, however, this applies especially to people who have had a heart attack or stroke in the past five years or who have had cardiovascular problems in general.

 If you have high blood pressure or an allergic reaction to certain substances, you may also be intolerant to nicotine sprays. In this case, itching, redness or rashes cannot be ruled out. You should also avoid using it if you have kidney or liver disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, or esophagitis. The same applies to intestinal diseases – nicotine spray is absolutely unsuitable!

Nebenwirkungen beiim Pflaster

How long does one bottle last?

It is recommended that you not only buy a single bottle of nicotine spray for a successful stop of smoking, but also take care of a corresponding supply of two to four bottles. So you are on the safe side, if a bottle is empty and you don’t reach directly for the next cigarette. It’s best to make sure you always have a bottle with you where it’s needed – such as in your handbag or desk drawer in the office.

Most products do not show how often the spray can be used. However, you will usually get a feeling after a while as to whether one bottle will only last a few days or several weeks. In most cases, one spray can provide about 150 pump strokes – it always depends on how often you use the product and how much you spray into your mouth.

Possible side effects when using nicotine sprays

The side effects that can occur when using nicotine spray are broad, but generally harmless – unless you are allergic to certain ingredients. Occasionally, hiccups or a slight burning sensation in the throat may occur, although this is not a major problem for most people. If you feel a burning sensation on your lips after using the spray, you should make sure that you continue to spray the product into the oral cavity so that it no longer comes into contact with it.

However, most people have a predominantly positive experience with the spray and therefore use it as a good alternative to cigarettes. If you are looking for a rating or price for individual products, the best thing to do is to look around the Internet for experiences or tests.


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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