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Nicotine Sweets – How to Stop smoking with it

Nicotine sweets (pastilles) are used to help people quit smoking. Nicotine pills are part of smoking cessation and work by supplying your body with nicotine to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that occur when quitting smoking and to reduce the craving for smoking.

Nicotine sweets are also used in homeopathy to support the affected person in addition to other natural remedies. Some sweets are also made from homeopathic medicines.

How Should this Medicine be Used?

Nicotine sweets are taken orally and slowly dissolve in the mouth. It is usually taken according to the instructions on the packet at least 15 minutes after or before meals. Carefully follow the instructions on your medication package and ask your doctor or pharmacist if you do not understand anything. Take the sweets exactly as they appear on the packaging, i.e. no more than prescribed.

If you smoke a cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up, you should take four mg nicotine tablets, as the two mg tablets are probably not strong enough for you.

For the first six weeks of treatment you should take one pastille every one to two hours. Using at least nine lozenges a day will increase your chances of quitting.

candies can help quit smoking

For weeks seven to nine you should take one pastille every two to four hours. For weeks ten to twelve, one candy is enough every four to eight hours. In this way you slowly reduce the dose of nictone and get your body used to it. However, if you experience withdrawal symptoms again during a changeover phase, you are not ready. Then it is important to increase the nicotine dose again.

Do not take more than five lozenges in six hours or more than 20 a day. Using too many tablets simultaneously or consecutively can cause side effects such as hiccups, heartburn and nausea.


Put the pastille in your mouth and let it dissolve slowly on your tongue. Dissolving should take 20 to 30 minutes. It will be a bit strange at first, as most sweets cause a slight tingling sensation in your mouth. It is important that the pastille dissolves slowly and that you do not swallow it immediately. This has a laxative effect and can lead to stomach pain.

A normal smoking cessation with nicotine candies lasts three months.

What are the advantages of pastilles?


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