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Stop Smoking when You Are Pregnant

As a smoker you harm your body considerably and have to expect various health consequences. So far, so well known. Have you accepted this risk so far? As long as you only harm yourself and your body, you only have to justify this to yourself.

However, it looks completely different if you have a baby or if you wish to become pregnant in the near future. In this case you should renounce your vice as soon as possible for the sake of your child. Because smoking is extremely harmful for the unborn child and can not only impair its healthy development, but can even lead to the death of your baby.

But what are the concrete consequences of smoking during pregnancy? And what tips do you use to make the transition to non-smoking? We will inform you about all the important facts about smoking during pregnancy and show you the best way to escape harmful addiction.

Smoking During Pregnancy - How Cigarettes Harm Your Unborn Child

Your baby grows up in the uterus and you inhale the harmful ingredients of the cigarette through your lungs – what is the connection? The fatal link between you and your baby is the umbilical cord. This way your offspring is supplied with all necessary nutrients for their healthy development.

Unfortunately, the umbilical cord cannot distinguish between good and less good substances. Through the supply channel, nicotine and the other more than 4000 harmful substances in the cigarette therefore pass from your bloodstream into the baby’s circulation – and cause fatal damage there. Particularly serious is the inadequate oxygen supply through the blood vessels narrowed by the absorbed carbon monoxide.

Every single cigarette you smoke, your baby smokes as well. Depending on your smoking habits, you can easily smoke more than 3,500 cigarettes during pregnancy!

effects on smoking in pregnancy

The Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

If you do not quit smoking before pregnancy, the effects can be significant from the first cigarette. The most important consequences at a glance:

The Best Tips for Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy

“I’d really do anything for my kid – but I can’t stop!” Could you sign this statement? Then how many women would you like to have children with? For fear of withdrawal symptoms or after a few failed attempts, some women throw in the towel and may expose their baby to life-threatening consequences.

Do you want to do better? Then take our tips to heart and start as soon as possible into your smoke-free future!

Tip 1: The Ideal Time to Quit is Before Pregnancy

When is smoking actually harmful? This question can be answered clearly: Even in the first minutes of pregnancy, smoking is harmful. It is therefore best to quit smoking before you become pregnant.

Tip 2: Stop Smoking Immediately

In some places there is still the misconception that the sudden stop of smoking during pregnancy is harmful for the child. According to the latest scientific findings, these worries are unfounded. You can and should end your addiction in one fell swoop. Stopping smoking immediately is also much more promising than gradually quitting.

Tip 3: Banish Everything that Reminds You of Smoking from Your Everyday Life

Ashtrays, lighters and co remind you of your old habits at every glance. Before you finally stop smoking, you should thoroughly clean it out.

Tip 4: Avoid Seductive Situations

Have you always rewarded yourself with a cigarette after work or routinely filled other occasions with a break from smoking? You should avoid such situations as much as possible. Look for alternatives to smoking that are just as satisfying!

Tip 5: Get Support During Pregnancy

Quitting smoking once and for all is the goal of many pregnant women. You can find professional help online or at the appropriate places and self-help groups especially for pregnant women.

Of course, private support is just as important: with your partner or a good friend at your side, your chances of success increase considerably.

Tip 6: Always Remind Yourself Why You Stop Smoking Immediately

Always make it clear to yourself and your child that you are taking on the difficult task of quitting smoking for the sake of yourself. A radiant, healthy baby smile compensates for almost everything!


It is not too late to quit your unhealthy habits. Check out all the products and methods that we have reviewed and helped hundres to finally quit somking!

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