What Happens When You Stop Smoking (1)

What Happens When You Finally Stop Smoking?

You know what it’s like to have a guilty conscience. With every cigarette, you are aware that you are damaging your body. But it is much too difficult to stop, you think.

The Body Gets Back to Normal

You probably know that it takes a long time for your body to return to the state it had before smoking, but many things happen faster than you think. In the first few days of smoking cessation, withdrawal symptoms often occur. The severity of these symptoms varies. The length also varies. There are people who can cope with the initial period without any problems.

When you finally have your last cigarette behind you, it will take about 20 minutes for your blood pressure to normalise.

Your Body Regenerates Quickly

About eight hours later the carbon monoxide content in the blood drops and reaches a normal level. The day after the last cigarette, the risk of a heart attack drops. Many smokers suffer from shortness of breath. If this problem also affects you, you should know that three weeks after you quit smoking, your lung capacity has increased by 30%. In the following nine months your smoker’s cough will decrease.

If you manage to live without cigarettes for a year, the risk of cardiovascular disease is only half as high as before. After 15 years as a non-smoker, you’ve made it. Then all the risks are back to the level you never smoked.

Of course, it is also important to consider psychological factors, because after all you suffer from nicotine addiction. Although withdrawal symptoms vary greatly, the main symptoms of cigarette withdrawal are still noticeable.

When the Mind is Playing Tricks on You

Many smokers get a depressed mood in the days after their last cigarette. Sleep disorders often occur. Increased irritability, nervousness or increased aggressiveness also occur frequently. These consequences of the smoke withdrawal affect often loading on the surrounding field. Restlessness is also a symptom. For your job, you should know that quitting smoking is usually accompanied by a lack of concentration.

The pulse slows down and the appetite increases. Note that you do not give in unconditionally to the feeling of hunger. Here lies the hidden danger of weight gain.

A big gain for you

In summary, the psychological consequences sound deterrent, but nothing lasts forever and often these symptoms subside after a short time. When you think about it, you realize that you can only win by quitting smoking. Your body will recover faster.

Always remember: People who quit smoking are usually much older than those who continue to smoke. Also, if you quit, your cancer risk will drop dramatically and it can increase your potency.


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