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Why do people smoke?

Smoking is one of the most ingenious traps you can imagine. What is the reason why millions of people poison themselves every day?

It is interesting that the adults who are already deeply trapped warn us. It is a dirty and horrible affair that destroys human lives and makes them ill. One of the interesting and particularly tragic things about smoking is that we have to work very hard until we become addicted. We have to force ourselves to grab a cigarette for a long time!

It’s one of the few traps that doesn’t need bait. There is no piece of cheese that lures the mouse into the trap. The mouse itself goes into the trap. Without knowing it!

mouse trap

Smoking doesn’t require bait. Ingenious but deadly!

The ingenious thing about the trap is that it is inconspicuous: The first cigarette tastes horrible! If it tasted sweet, all our alarm bells would immediately sound. Our senses would say that there is a danger slumbering here that needs to be taken into account.

The logic behind smoking

But because the first cigarette tastes so horrible it is so dangerous. Our brain does not smell the danger and the young person believes that he can stop immediately.

“How can you become dependent on something so horrible,” you ask yourself. “The cigarette is no pleasure at all!”

And this is precisely the ingenious trap in which so many young people enter every day.

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Reasons why people start smoking

Young men usually start because they want to appear powerful on others. They have a picture of famous actors in their heads and want to be like them. But the last thing you are when you light a cigarette is male and strong.

Stop Smoking

The first move is more of a puff and a cough. You get dizzy very quickly and simply don’t enjoy the cigarette at all. You would like to throw it away immediately because it tastes so disgusting.

Young women have the image of a cosmopolitan, cool woman who travels the world. And if you’re honest, you just look ridiculous. As former smokers we can say that. Smoking only gives you the feeling of being very special. It’s brainwashing that tempts us to smoke.

Once the boys have learned to look strong male and the girls, cool and experienced, they wish they had never started smoking.

Cigarettes and stress – a subtle connection

The interesting thing is that smokers spend their whole lives explaining why they need to smoke. They seem to get some of the smoke. If you are a smoker, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you light a cigarette. What do you feel when you inhale the smoke? Calm, more concentration and self-confidence? Could it be that all this is just an illusion imposed on you from the outside?

Some people (including ourselves) imagine that the smoke will give them more self-confidence, less stress or increased focus. But all this is just a thought that the cigarette industry has planted in our heads through clever advertising!

The cigarette trap is made so that in stressful situations we do our best to stop. These are often

  • health problems,
  • lack of money
  • or the feeling of being excluded from society.

The truth is, however, that as soon as we stop, more stress and discomfort comes our way! People around us talk about the dreaded withdrawal symptoms, which – if you take a closer look – are not big problems. In addition, the remedy (the cigarette) that supposedly relieved our stress is eliminated.

And then you find yourself in the nicotine trap again, because you haven’t been paying attention, you’ ve drunk one beer too much and the habit has just hit you.

As far as we know, such a sophisticated trap has not yet struck mankind. (The alcohol is similar)

why do people smoke?

Smoking is like a labyrinth

Smoking can be compared to a huge maze. Somehow you get in, you don’t know exactly how. In the beginning you take a few steps and are sure that you remembered the way out. Once to the left, 2 times to the right and a bit straight ahead. But after some time our thoughts become clouded. It’s as if a miraculous hand prevents us from finding our way out.

And so we spend our whole life and tons of energy searching for the way out of the trap.

Why do people continue to smoke?

Ok. Now we know why we start smoking. We want to be cool and prove that we are adults or have succumbed to peer pressure. But why don’t we stop when we realize we’ve fallen into a trap? If we understand what the real reasons are, we have already taken a huge step in the right direction.

The normal smoker has no idea why he is reaching for a cigarette.

It is interesting to watch people open their eyes in our seminars. It is this “Aha” moment that overcomes them. An unbelievable pleasure for us who have set ourselves the goal of helping people to quit smoking.

So what is it that makes smokers weak?

The real reason why smokers can’t quit is a smart combination of several factors that can be summed up in 2 words:

  • Nicotine addiction and
  • recurring suggestive advertising

If you want to learn more about the above reasons, we recommend our 11 tips to quit smoking.

Advertising makes us smoke

Advertising is one of the reasons we smoke. Please tell a friend

How to get out of the trap?

Imagine there is a strategy to stop smoking. This strategy works:

  • on the spot
  • without the use of overwhelming willpower
  • without the weight gain
  • without aids such as nicotine patches and similar means
  • with fun and joy

If this method exists, would you test it?

Then get our 11 tips to quit smoking now.

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